Will Twitter take over CNN?


Twitter takes over CNN

Or has it already, and no one told a vast majority of the online junta?

If you are news junkie like me, you are probably guilty of doing what I do all the time. Anytime there is a breaking news, I go to Twitter, rather than the regions’ leading news website.

Digital media took away a lot from the traditional one (ad dollars being the most painful) and now it seems to be committing daylight robbery of the 15 seconds of fame from reporters and news sites as well.

Sure, most breaking news on Twitter is filled with garbage these days created by wisecracks, brands with over-zealous social media teams and RTs. But a seasoned news-junkie is likely to have an invisible filter to sift through all that and get to the real news.

Tweet during Nepal Earthquake

The other great feature that I use Twitter is to get attention from brands, especially when it comes to customer service. It is like my single 1-800 number to call to vent and hopefully get more attention than I would have got from an email or FB comments. Great for the consumer…and a nightmare for the brand. Ask any airline company and you will get many stories around this theme. Most social media listening in the US revolves around Twitter.

Think of Twitter as an invincible network of human reporters with the power to influence communities like no other media till now. It’s a great leveler and yet provides a modern-day hierarchy. In fact, it surprises me no end that most folks in Asia are not active on Twitter (yet). Hopefully that is going to change with the new office of Twitter opening in Singapore. (@TwitterSG).

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